Tokyo spoils its visitor with an infinite dining spots options

. There are several places where to enjoy having a meal, tasting a new dish, get to know more about local food and what matters is to enjoy having a delightful food experience around.

1.Han no Daidokoro (kadochika)

This dining has excellent service. Visiting the place and tasting their food is a delightful experience which is not to miss. Let us not forget the friendly staff and the super atmosphere.

2.Ise Sueyoshi 

Being a guest in this place will offer you an excellent dining experience ever. The beautifully-presented dishes along with the fresh food set the mood for a delightful dining experience.

3.Star Star

This restaurant is a place where the atmosphere is excellent. There is also a nice bar inside with refreshing drinks and funky music. The dining serves vegan dishes as well.

4.Han no Daidokoro (Shibuya)

Han No Daidokoro is a place where to enjoy a delightful food experience. It is a fantastic dining spot where the staff is super friendly. A cozy place that serves the best beef and should be on the must-visit places.

5.Yakiniku a Five Toku Ginza8chome

Yakinuku restaurant is a fantastic one. The meat in this dining is super excellent. The atmosphere in this place is super along with a lovely staff set the mood for a pleasant and delightful food experience.



What about you! What do you think! Feel free to share your experience with us! 




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