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What to expect from a trip to Jordan 

We were delighted to visit a country known by its historical monuments, impressive archaeological sites, and its arid and enigmatic landscapes.

London: The modern and haunting capital

Needless to say that getting a visa to London is a bit more complicated compared to Schengen's visa. The one thing guaranteed is that London is worth it!

Discovering Vietnam: The Wonderful Halong Bay.

According to legend, Khaleesi is the mother of the dragons. Halong Bay, can be where they decide to live?

The 5 Must visit beaches while in Phuket

With its breathtaking beaches and phenomenal weather. Phuket is the perfect gateway for anyone...

5 best places to discover in Grand Baie

 Grand Baie is a coastal tourist destination located in Mauritius. It is superb due to its golden...


The secret of building the pyramids of Egypt, solved by a French postman?

A former French postman says he has discovered the secret of building the pyramids of Egypt....

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