The laid-back islands are not known for nightlife spots. The bars usually close around 10 pm. However, many hotels offer soirées performed by local bands.

Here is a list of the top three nightlife spots on the islands.


An open-air bar/restaurant. Local bands and musicians perform live music on Friday nights. Enjoy the spectacular view and the refreshing cocktails. Dance the night away in Tarosa.

2.La Digue Community Center

The place hosts plenty of local bands and DJs. It attracts a lot of locals and tourists as well. It can be great for making local friends and getting a close up look at local customs and music.  

3.Hotel Le Duc de Praslin

The Hotel is just a 2-minute walk from the Cote D'Or beach. It offers a tropical garden where they host live music and spectacles.  Dance your heart out in this tropical paradise.


If you have other recommendations and suggestions of where to party in Praslin and La Digue, please let us know.