After a little research on the net I chose to camp at "Camping Zeeburg", the best in Amsterdam according to the opinions of several Internet users.

If you are passionate about camping and want to live this experience in Amsterdam this article or my own experience in Zeeburg will surely be useful;)

All started with a great idea that came in my mind with two fiends: why not camp in Amsterdam and spend a weekend on a budget?

Direction Amsterdam

We opted for bus transport because it is the most economical way even if it takes about 8 hours of driving with a stop in a rest area in Belgium.

We took our tickets round trip on, it cost us 55 € / person, we took our backpacks with the camping equipment and direction AMSTERDAM!

Arrived at Station Sloterdijk we took the tram 21 direction Central station and then the tram 26 direction camping Zeeburg, it takes 20min between the campsite and the city center.

Arrived at Camping Zeeburg

We were three boys to experience this crazy experience. Arrived at the campsite, the first impression we have is "Waaaw" a true paradise buried in nature surrounded by a lake and large trees.

The campsite offers three types of accommodation: wagons and eco-cabins, a place for caravans and a large plot of land for camping lovers like us.

The amenities of the campsite

Upon arrival, we were very well received even though our English was a bit average, we were informed by all the services and amenities of the campsite and provided with a map that also contained more information.

We paid  5€ to install the tent of three people and 7€  / person per night to access the party tents. For those who prefer a little more comfort the price of other accommodation options are available on the site and vary according to the periods.

Before leaving to discover the city we started by installing our tents and by tasting a fresh local beer at the campsite restaurant.

In fact, there is a café-restaurant open until midnight which offers a self-service buffet breakfast, all-day meals and a good local beer with the possibility to sit in the restaurant inside or in one of the many terraces arranged to facilitate the exchange and the meeting between the travelers.

Other camping amenities

And of course there are also showers and clean toilets near our tent, campers who will stay for several days can even use the machine to lift for a sum of 5.50 € (washing and drying included).

Back at night, all our smartphones had the drained battery, but we were able to load them at the reception and there was even the wifi connection so we took the opportunity to take a look at the weather and review our program for the next day.

As we were a little tired ...We slept well and in the morning, it was under the song of the birds that we woke up. An awakening that I'm not ready to forget because opening the tent we had the right to a magnificent view directly overlooking the lake, ducks who were walking and especially this breath of fresh air. A moment of disconnection between the city center and the return to nature, calm and greenery.

Apart from the fact that there are a few people during the day, I must say that this campsite deserves its place as No. 1 given its location and all that it offers to its travelers. You will find in another article the best activities and places to visit in three days "3 days in Amsterdam :Tourist in the morning, merrymaker in the evening".

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Crédit Photo 2.3.4: Camping Zeeburg