There are some laws that every tourist needs to know so that nothing can ruin his trip.

Here are the 11 laws you need to be aware of before going to Thailand.

Do not drive a scooter without a license

To drive a scooter in Thailand, whatever its power, you must have a motorcycle license in your country and have an international license. A lot of renters do not check, so in case of an accident your trip will turn into a nightmare, you will lose your insurance because, in case of physical injuries to others, it will be a heavy aggravating circumstance.

Electronic cigarettes are illegal

Many tourists still ignore this law, but Indeed the electronic cigarette is illegal in Thailand. This does not only concern its use but also the simple fact of bringing it on the territory, even for personal use. This transgression of the law is punished by fines or by prison sentences which can go up to 10 years.

The classic cigarette is banned on more than twenty beaches in Thailand.  It is very clearly indicated. There, also very sharp fine if you do not respect these restrictions: 100,000 THB.

The crime of Lese Majesty

During your journey be vigilant both on your words and on your acts even unconscious towards everything that is related to the royal family. Thailand is a constitutional monarchy where the crime of lese majesty is considered to be one of the most dangerous.

Drug laws are very strict

Thailand is one of the countries with laws on the consumption or possession of drugs, even in small quantities, is the most severely condemned. And it's also about cannabis,  even for personal use.  Penalties, in addition to fines, ranging from 5 years for a user to the death penalty if you are considered part of traffic.

Declare your drone

This law is very often ignored by some tourists who want to bring back breathtaking images of their holiday in Thailand but to fly a drone in Thailand, it must be declared to the Authorities (Civil Aviation Authority Thailand CAAT) to grant you permission.

Sale of alcohol only from 20 years

There too, one often tends to think that the rule is the same as in his country,  but in Thailand, the sale of alcohol and therefore its purchase is forbidden before the age of 20 years. It is also forbidden to drink alcohol in temples and public parks and administrations.

Respect the validity period of your Visa

You should respect the duration of your visa, an overstay if discovered during a routine check leads to fine, sometimes prison sentence and depending on its validity period,  it can go up to a territory exclusion.

Fish in national parks

Normally, every boat captain who takes you on a snorkeling or diving excursion will tell that it is forbidden to feed the fish in the Marine National Parks of Thailand and some other protected areas. The goal is not to disturb the natural habits and instincts of the fish.The penalty stipulates 100,000 THB of fine and up to 1 year in prison.

You should not pick up sand and sea shells

If tourists generally know that picking up coral ends is forbidden, the fact that this ban extends to shellfish and even sand is less known. There are several Thai laws on this point. Section 53 of the Fisheries Act, for example, prohibits the possession of certain aquatic animals or products, including coral, without having obtained the corresponding permit or license.

Playing Cards in Thailand

There is also a law related to the import and use of card games in Thailand. In fact, it is recommended not to play in public and also not to play poker because gambling except a few specific cases is not allowed in Thailand.

Have your Passport on you

As a tourist, you are supposed to have your passport on you permanently. It is true that a photocopy is often accepted, but if you have neither the one nor the other, you may visit the police station so they can check your identity,  and it won't necessarily be nice or fast.

In addition to this laws, Thais give a great deal of importance to values and etiquette, if you want to have some understanding of their cultural values and what are the things that they do not accept, click here.