Located to the east of the African coastline and jewel of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is known for its natural setting: Turquoise blue sea, green expanse, sparkling white sand beach, and coconut palms. At 11 hours flight from Paris, our stay in Mauritius was an invitation to a complete change of scenery.

The black river

The district of the Black River is mainly considered as the place par excellence marked by the martyrdom of the population composed of Mauritians of both Malagasy and African origin during the servile period. Today, this district is more than ever a destination that fills lovers of history in search of new and authentic experiences. This majestic rainforest of Mauritius offers you the experience of an exotic day away from the overcrowded beaches. You have the opportunity to walk, swim, or even have a picnic. It is up to you to consider how you want to enjoy the best of nature.


Flic-en-Flac was once a former fishing village in the north-west of Mauritius, and over the years, this village begins to host many construction projects to become a touristic destination. Tourists will be able to find all types of hotels. The reason for the admiration for this city lies in the beauty of its beaches with turquoise waters. Although it has become very touristic, it has preserved its authenticity.

Le Morne Brabant

The Morne Brabant is one of the most fabulous peaks on the island.  Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site This mountain is associated with slavery, it was a land of exile for those who wanted to live in freedom. The Morne Brabant is also known for its beautiful beach and luxurious hotels that we can admire from the top of this mountain. During a trip to the Morne Brabant, the thirsty for culture and history will learn about this sanctuary of slaves, the lovers of the hike will enjoy the mountain walk. Athletes and the adventurous can opt for trekking.

Grand baie

Grand Baie is located in the north of Mauritius, famous for its beautiful beaches, this city has the best accommodations near the sand so that you will only have to walk a little. At night, the beautiful rhythm extends to Grand Baie as the city includes a large number of bars and nightclubs, perfect places to have fun and meet other travelers. The city also gives you the opportunity to go shopping, luxury boutiques on Sunset Boulevard welcome you all year round

Ile aux Cerfs Island

All those who believe that “île aux cerfs” Island has only beautiful scenery to offer are wrong. Of course, most tourists come here because it is one of the most beautiful islets of Mauritius and maybe even of the world, however,  it reserves plenty of other surprises. In fact, you can experience many aquatic activities, contemplate the multicolored fish with a snorkel mask, scuba diving, swimming in translucent and warm water, kitesurfing or parasailing. 

Blue Bay

Blue Bay Marine Park is considered one of the most beautiful Ramsar sites in the world. It is included in the national heritage list of Mauritius. Blue Bay Beach is located in the south of Mauritius, close to Mahebourg and in the residential village of Pointe D'esny.  It represents a mandatory passage when you go to this island. The image you have of the transparent lagoon, from the bright sand beach and the turquoise and serene water make this place a great area to bathe, stroll by boat with glass, picnic and for the adventurous, it is an idyllic setting for scuba diving.

It was an authentic journey that had met our expectations. Share yours with us in the comment box and if you want to know more about this destination, feel free to click here.

-Farouk Oueslati-


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