Seminyak has some of the best nightlife spots in Bali. It is full of diverse and unique clubs and bars where you can enjoy the best night out.

Here is a list of the five best nightlife spots in Seminyak.


It is a luxurious lounge in Six Luxury hotel. The rooftop lounge has breath-taking views of the coastline and sunsets. It offers exclusive services and one of a kind drink menu for its high-end customers.

2. La Favela

La Favela is a quirky bar with vintage design. The setting is mesmerizing. Inside la Favela, you will find semi-indoor gardens, artificial waterfalls, and funky old clocks.  The alfresco tables and chairs are laid out beyond a mini bridge. It is a must-visit spot while a Seminyak.

3. Potato Head Beach Club

Potato Head is not your regular beach club. The design of this club is special and unique. It has the shape of a coliseum with a curved path into the beach club. It offers a wide variety of cocktails and drinks as well as freshly prepared delicacies. It is a spot not to be- missed while in Seminyak. 

4. Miror Bali

The club welcomes all gothic-lovers looking to enjoy a unique night out. Mirror club is an original club where you can enjoy gothic - cathedral settings while dancing to the trendiest beats. The spooky-modern atmosphere of this club is what puts it on the list of the must-visit nightlife spots in Seminyak. 

5. Devdan Show


The show is a display of Indonesian heritage. It consists of various scenes each telling the story of Indonesian islands. It is a dazzling show which combines traditional and modern dancing, acrobatics, illusions and impressive special effects. It is a memorable experience to try while in Seminyak. 

Have you ever visited any of these clubs? If you did, please share your experience with us.