In Mahe, some restaurants are not to miss!

The following article presents the ones that are highly recommended.

1. Eden

Eden restaurant offers tasty food as it also has an excellent staff. It is a highly recommended place where to enjoy a meal.

2. La Perle Noire

La Perle Noire is known for its relaxing environment. The staff there is highly professional. The place serves delicious food.

3. Del Place Bar and Restaurant

Del Place Bar and Restaurant is an exceptional place with its stunning views. The food served is also delicious. It is a cool place to visit.

4. Trader Vic’s Seychelles

Trader Vic's Seychelles is a great place where to meet a friendly staff. The food is also tasty. It is a place where to enjoy a peaceful environment.

5. La Grande Maison

La Grande Maison is an extraordinary place with excellent service. The dining is not to miss especially for its warm welcome.

Have you ever been to Mahe! Tell us more about your culinary experience!


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