The Vietnamese cuisine is a worldwide fusion.

Having a delightful food experience in Hoin Han is possible due to various dining places which are recommended to visit once in the town.

1.Aubergine 49 Restaurant

This restaurant serves tasty well-prepared food. Beautifully decorated, the setting is inviting. The staff in this place is friendly. 

2.Ms Ly Café 

Miss Ly Café is a spectacular dining spot where the service is fantastic, and the food is tasty. You can visit the old shops around the place.

3.Quan Dau Bac

This bar has an extensive menu. It serves spectacular local food. A guest will enjoy the hospitality of the lovely family who runs the place. 

4.Ancient Faifo

This place serves tasty food. The working staff is helpful and friendly. This dining spot has a relaxing atmosphere.

5.Mango Mango Reastaurant 

This restaurant serves excellent cocktails and tasty food. It is, actually, an excellent place for a quality dinner.

Have you tasted a Vietnamese dish in one of these dining spots? Share your story with us!