Koyoto, a remarkable city in Japan. It features a unique character with its traditional landscapes and breath-taking sceneries. It offers its visitors the chance to explore the rich Japanese heritage and culture through the overlaying museums, temples, and activities.

Here is a list of the five best things to do in Kyoto.

1.Traditional Tea Ceremony

Brace yourself with the ultimate  Japanese experience in Kyoto. Join the traditional tea-drinking-ceremony while dressing in a kimono. A lot of facilities offer kimono rental in Kyoto so you can have an authentic experience in the city. It doesn't get anymore Japanese than this! Make sure to try it out.

2.Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine

A must-see while in Kyoto. The place is a  work of art. It features local traditions in the best way possible. Take a walk in this one-of-kind temple and enjoy the fabulous scenery. Delight yourself with the aromas from the surrounding trees and flowers. It is indeed an experience to die for while in Kyoto.

3.Kifune Shrine

One of the hot spots in Kyoto. It is a famous deep-wooded valley. The place attracts a lot of tourists and locals to check out the fabulous views and enjoy the lovely atmosphere. Make your way up the stairs to most phenomenal view. Don't miss it while in Kyoto.

4.WAK Japan

Join one of Kyoto's best-organized classes. Indulge yourself in traditional Japanese culture. The place offers lessons on traditional dances, food, and martial arts. It is famous for its fun and inclusive activities. Give it a go while in Kyoto.

5.Ninja VR Kyoto

Relish this unique experience while visiting the city. It is the perfect choice for you in a rainy afternoon or if you are looking to spice things up. It is worth trying. Enjoy the authentic Japanese samurai in a modern way. It is a must-try in Kyoto.


Have you ever tried any of these activities? If you did, please share your experience with us.