After exploring the rich and diverse history of Hanoi, it's time for some fun activities! Enjoy countless activities while in Hanoi. Keep your schedule busy and don't miss a thing while in town.

Down below is our list of five of the best things you can do in Hanoi.


For all nature lovers out there, make sure not miss hiking while in Hanoi. The city has some of the best Hiking sites in Vietnam. Ba Vi National park is on the list of the must-visit hiking sites in the area. The Park is a great destination to escape the busy life of the city and enjoy the fresh air. Take the journey in the several mountains and wood strips in this park. Enjoy Hanoi's countryside and don't miss a thing.

2.Bike Tours

Feel the fresh air of Hanoi touching your skin while you ride your bike and explore the different areas of the city. Take a ride across the city's quarters, streets, and fish it off by biking in the countryside. Check out the remote countryside areas located few kilometers outside the city. It is worth the journey. Collect priceless moments along the way.

3.Private Dinner with a Hanoi Family

Head to the Hanoian quarter in the city. Join a Hanoian family for dinner. Explore how they prepare meals, their table manners, and their ideas about life while chatting with them. For the most authentic experience in Hanoi, make sure to give it a go.


Spoil yourself and get treated like royalties in one of the many Hanoian Spas. The city is wide-scattered with five-star hotels with spas onsite. They offer exclusive and extravagant services. While in there a team of experts will take care of you and make sure to treat you like royalty.

5.Cooking Class

Try on this fun and exciting experience in Hanoi. Have plenty of laughs, make few mistakes while preparing Hanoian dishes. Learn how to perfect making local dishes while enjoying your journey in one of the many culinary facilities in Hanoi. Put on your apron and give it a go.


Have you ever tried any of these activities ? If you did, please let us know how it was in the comment section down below.