Hanoi pleases its visitors with diverse and countless dining destinations. Restaurants in Hanoi vary from local and authentic ones to international ones.

Here is our pick of five of the best restaurants in the city.

1.Green Tangerine

A small and cozy restaurant in Hanoi. The signature color of this place is green. Both the walls and the settings are green which gives you the feeling of being surrounded by nature. It serves the best Vietnamese dishes with French-twist on it. Enjoy every bite in this one-of-kind restaurant.

2.KOTO ( Know One Teach One)

KOTO is an authentic coffee shop and restaurant in Hanoi. It serves the best Vietnamese coffee in town along with a wide range of local delicacies. The staff is very welcoming and caring. Head over there and have a blessing experience in this cozy spot.

3.Hanoi Social Club

A bohemian restaurant in Hanoi where you can get tasty food as well as good company. The place is so cozy and relaxing. You may enjoy your meal while chatting with other people in the most comfortable settings. Make sure not to miss it while staying in Hanoi.

4.La Terrasse du Metroploe 

An exquisite and extravagant restaurant in the heart of Hanoi. The place takes you back to the classical-charms and glamour of the 20th century France. The fancy décor and mouth-watering French dishes put this place on you-must visit dining spots in the city. Enjoy "L'Esprit de Paris" while in Hanoi.

5.La Verticale

The setting of this restaurant is unique. The kitchen area dominates its area. You can keep an eye on the Chefs while they are preparing the food and learn how some of the dishes are prepared. Their food menu is seasonal to make sure you get fresh-ingredients every time. It should not be missed while visiting Hanoi.


Have you ever dined in any of these restaurants? If you did, please let us know how it was.