The passage du gois is a periodically flooded passage leading to the island of Noirmoutier.

The tide makes it impossible for passers-by to drive through it at certain times of the day, they can’t reach the other side unless there are passing on a particular hour when the water isn’t rising very high.

Sometimes drivers are caught in the roadway, fortuity precautions have been taken and there are platforms which allow them to wait until they can be rescued.

The passage du gois is one of the most dangerous but also spectacular roadways in the world, on both sides of the passage there are 4km height signs indicating the hours when the roadway is safe to cross.

The water is 4 meters high almost the entire day.

A lot of tourists visit the passage du gois and a lot of them are caught in the water , there are times when they are rescued but there are other times when they are carried away with the water and it’s too late for them to be rescued.