The luxurious resort Nihiwatu in the Sumba island in Indonesia was rated best hotel in the world.

Out of 100 places, the Nihiwatu resort was voted as number one stay in the world by Tavel&Leisure.

What makes this hotel so special is unspoiled beachs, the spa centers placed inside the thousand year old trees and the rustic mansions.

When the season is the reservation of a mansion costs 10000euro per night, the resort counts 28 mansions with differents prices.

The residents can enjoy their stay with multiple activities, they can go horse riding watch the sunset by the beach, learn how to surf or explore the waterfalls on the island.

On the Sumba island everything seems in harmony with nature,constructions that don't respect the environment are not allowed and that's why the hotel hace received a price for minimizing the threatning impact on the environment during the constructions.

An american surfer and his wife have built the hotel in 1988 and was after that transformed into a luxury hotel in 2012 after it was sold to an american business man.

Placed in the middle of the lush vegetation by the golden beachs with an incredible view on the indian ocean, Nihiwatu is an amazing place.

The sumba mansion is one of the most exclusive mansions equipped with a private swimming pool, a bridge where clients can relax and get a tan. the hotel residents have access to a a 2.5km private beach referred to as a preserved landscape area.