Once in a blue moon, the perfect culinary experience crosses your path, and all you have to do is to go with the current. Fortunately, Phuket has its share of gourmet restaurants that cover all the dishes: décor, location, staff, chef, atmosphere, and entertainment.

The list of the top five restaurants in Phuket is at your disposal.

Mom Tri’s Kitchen

On the West coast of Phuket, Mom Tri's kitchen is at the Royal Villa of Kata Noi Beach, about eight kilometers from Patong. The MOM Tri's kitchen, perfectly balances the tropical side with a beautiful sea view, Thai cuisine with delicate taste and jazz. 

A magical experience for your taste buds, offered by two great chefs, one deals with the Western side and the other on the Thai side.

Black ginger 

Located on an island in the middle of a lagoon, black ginger Phuket is part of the slate resort. You can reach this restaurant by boat who will take you through the waters lit by flames, where you will have the opportunity to savor modern dishes inspired by traditional Thai dishes. 

Black Ginger has an organic garden that is all his own and from which they obtain fresh ingredients. As for Thai dishes, you can order specialties such as Som Tam, spicy seafood soup Tom yum or yellow fish curry. 

Baan Rim Pa Patong

Located just north of Patong on the fashionable Kalim Beach, Baan rim PA is nestled on a small cliff overlooking the beach. It offers stunning views of the entire Patong Bay. Baan rim PA's goal is to make its clientele taste the Royal Thai cuisine, in a majestic setting by the seaside.

La Gritta

Along the coast to the South of the beach,  "La Gritta " offers a view of the whole Bay with its terrace dressed in warm pastel colors and soft background music that does not disturb the natural sounds of the back and forth of the waves. A place not to be missed by sunset! All of its small details create a chic and unpretentious atmosphere!

La Gritta's provides a list of classic Italian dishes revisited by the talented Roman chef Patrizia Battolu. You can enjoy their bruschetta Campana with Phuket Buffalo mozzarella and a locally produced Pesto with sautéed calamari with lemon polenta nuggets, Arugula Salad, and a variety of grilled meat and seafood.

Joe’s Downstairs

Located in Kalim, North of Patong, Joe's is just a short drive from the city center. At the top of the first Hill that leaves the city, you will find it more precisely in the illustrious company of da Maurizio and Baan rim PA, in front of the entrance to the diamond Cliff complex. Boasting an exceptional location on the granite Cape that separates Patong from Kalim Beach, it overlooks the Andaman Sea and offers a great place to lie in the Sun.

Joe's downstairs cuisine is directed by their talented American chef who creatively Associates flavors from around the world with his dishes emphasizing the quality of the taste chords and freshness.

If you have any other recommendations, please inform us in the comments section below and feel free to check 5 of the best restaurants to try seafood in Phuket.