We still have plenty of time to prepare to the holiday destination.

Sometimes the choice proves to be very difficult especially when there are many destinations that we wanted to visit. To make things easier, we took a look at the ranking of the prestigious magazine Lonely Planet to see which are the 10 best proposals for holiday destinations.

Prepare the camera, luggage and choose where you want to go!

1. Tunisia

A nice surprise for next year, as Tunisia suffered in terms of tourist image after the revolution. A good sign of reversal of tourism especially that Tunisia has indisputable assets: sea, beautiful beaches, archaeological sites and Sahara, all in one small country. Carthage, Sidi Bou Said, Hammamet, Dougga, the desert safari are only a few ideas of what you can on the spot. Tunisia will surpass you expectations and it is on that you will keep beautiful memories.

2. South Africa

South Africa is dreaming and more than dreaming it makes traveling, becoming a destination cheaper than before. Its advantages? You can explore wildlife, benefit from free admission to museums (mostly good) and have fun on budget.

3. Shanghai

The most famous coastal city of China remains a challenge for travelers. In Shanghai you can find everything for every pocket. You can walk safely, eat fricassee for 1 dollar and taste the charm of Asia.

4. Samoa

An untouched destination with idyllic beaches where one can find accommodation in the inhabitant who can even offer dinner. To wake up in the morning and see first the Pacific is not bad at all not?

5. Bali

PARADISE! Palm trees, volcanoes, rice fields, charm .. Bali has all this and more. If you add the fact that accommodation and the price for transportation and food always remains very affordable, Bali is the best option for travelers who love exoticism. And do not forget the famous SPA treatments! Here are also 5 good reasons to visit Bali.

6. Uruguay

Less known than its neighbor, Brazil, Uruguay is an option for a trip to South America. It is an occasion for the "Latin" life of Montevideo "that lindo te veo", the beaches that do not sleep and the succulent pieces of steak.

7. Portugal

Lisbon, Barcelona, Gaudi, Algarve, everything is to be discovered in Portugal. Lisbon remains a less expensive destination than Barcelona and transportation in the country is very accessible for those who want to visit. And do not miss the top 5 experiences to try in Lisbon.

8. Taiwan

More affordable prices than Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong, Taiwan is still a good alternative to discover Asia. Yes, the hotels are a bit expensive but the multi-bed rooms and camping in national parks and forests are very common solutions. Entrance into most temples is at a very low level and even admission to major museums is very reasonable.

9. Romania

Spectacular castles, the house of Dracula, magnificent charming hotels in all regions, medieval villages and the unique Danube Delta are only a few reasons to encourage you to visit Romania. A great choice in accommodation, entertainment, shopping and incredibly good food. And if we add also the fact that Prince Charles spends the holidays every year it must be more than encouraging!

10. Burkina Faso

Not very popular, a kind of rough diamond, Burkina Faso is a lovely destination with colorful markets, welcoming people, permissive cost and good places to watch the wildlife in the south of the country. This can be a good introduction to Africa.



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