Turkey, it is one of those wonder countries that you can never get tired of visiting.

Which is why I chose it as my destination. Here are the top 5 must-see places in Istanbul that I went to during my visit. 

Topkapı Palace and museum and the Blue Mosque

It is impossible to visit Istanbul without going to the Topkapı Palace, which is what I did, the huge palace is an architectural wonder and it doesn't fail to portray the turkish culture and history.

You can see the rooms and preserved utensils that the previous owners of the palace used in their daily lives. I then went to visit the Blue mosque that is around 15mn away from Topkapı Palace, there I could enjoy the calmness of the mosque and the wonderful designs.

I also passes by Hagia Sophia as it was across the blue mosque, it is full of history and I was able to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. 

Taksim street

This street is known as one of the liveliest streets in Istanbul, there are multiple shopping centers and cafes and restaurants. There you can really try out the original turkish delights and taste the amazing sweets. The people are really friendly and kind, they even offer you free turkish coffee.

You can easily get to Taksim using the metro, that is the most used means of transportation and it is possible to make a metro card for only 20TL and refill it as much as you like. 

The Hotel

I stayed in Pera palace hotel, which is the oldest European hotel in Turkey. It was founded in 1892 and it is in itself a historical monument and a museum like place, as it hosted many famous writers like Agatha Christie and Ernest Hemingway. 

Dolmabahçe Palace


After a cruise in the Bosphorus, I was able to visit the Dolmabahçe Palace that is so beautifully structured. It is easily possible to admire the European architecture mixed with the ottoman culture.

I also had the chance to admire the largest crystal chandelier in the world that is hanging in the Blue hall in the palace. Truly a masterpiece. It is sad that taking pictures from the inside is forbidden. 

Bursa getaway

After spending a few days in Istanbul, I decided to visit Bursa. I visited during winter so I couldn't miss the beautiful snowy landscapes. I took a ferry boat to go from Istanbul to Bursa in a trip that lasted around 2h. I then took the cable car to reach Uludag. You can take the bus instead of the ferry boat, the trip then will be around 3h 30mn long.

It is best to reach Bursa before 8pm to not miss the cable car, otherwise you'll have to take a taxi that will cost around 180TL. Concerning the ski resort, I could rent a skiing outfit and a professional skiing trainer. It is best to have a trainer guidance especially if you are a beginner. This location is for snow lovers. 

I could admire the beautiful landscapes and the picturesque snowy scenery. 

Istanbul is one of the must see places for travelers due to its beautiful culture and amazing nature. 

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