This new way of traveling is considered to be a part of environmental conservation, and understanding what are the needs of local people to whom the area belongs so that we can help to improve their quality of life. It also involves learning more about the history of other cities and saving historical landmarks.

Here are 6 simple ways to practice ecotourism while traveling:

Light and nonstop travel

People don't always realize it, but the more a plane – or a car, or a bus, or a train – is heavy, the more fuel it uses. The weight of an airplane is determined by the passengers, certainly, but also by their luggage. So the more you fill your suitcase, the more it impacts the amount of gasoline

In addition, the carbon emission of an airplane is at its strongest when taking off and landing. Flights with stopovers are therefore more polluting than long-haul journeys, which is why it is preferable to always choose a non-stop flight

Being a traveler, not a tourist

For some, it might be difficult to perceive the difference between a traveler and a tourist, but this one is great. The tourist will visit the most touristic places and look for the fast-food chains he knows. The traveler will try to immerse himself in the local culture, both artistically and culinary. He will know the cultural differences between his country and the one he visits. 

Save energy 

Responsible behavior also implies the energy economy. Just like when you leave the House for the day, you should close the lights, TV, and heating or air conditioning of your hotel room. All these devices consume energy. In the same vein, you should leave the "do not disturb" hanger if the need if not needed, so you will save on the use of chemical cleaners and on the energy that the vacuum cleaner and the washing of sheets and bath towels

Protect the environment around you

The traveler can opt for an electric or hybrid car in order to minimize the use of gasoline, and therefore, the emission of carbon. It would also be preferable to choose the smallest car, the smaller it is, the less it consumes.

He can also opt for an electric bike or even an electric scooter to move around the city. Consequently, he will save on the parking and circulate easily in places often very busy.

In case he prefers to walk, he has to bring a bag with him so that nothing will be thrown on the ground.

Buy Smart and local

Ecotourism is also interested in smart and local purchases. In fact, no matter where you travel, you may encounter objects that were not manufactured in an environmentally responsible way. So as an informed and environmentally responsible consumer, you can choose not to encourage such practices.

It is also very important to buy from local artisans. to meet them and to exchange with them

Soak up the culture

All countries have different traditions and customs. Not being interested or participating during your trip will certainly make you miss something and may even be offensive to the locals. For example, in some Muslim countries, women should not show their skin. For others, getting caught in a photo is like stealing a part of their soul. It is therefore essential to know the traditions that prevail in the country where you go before you leave to avoid any problems and, above all, to respect the culture of the place.

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