In case it is the first trip with your children, you have to put in mind that you are going to have fewer places to visit and that you are going to follow a long rhythm. Days will be more enjoyable and more soothing and your children will be grateful.

Travel With Basic Medicines

Running through situations before they happen can leave you mentally prepared and before going, you should consider everything that could go wrong.

It is therefore imperative to take stock of the recommended vaccinations and do not forget to carry a medical kit with all the conventional medicines and the adequate prescriptions in case of control abroad.

Arm yourself with snacks during the flight

To mitigate the effects of depressurization, consider giving the child a pacifier, a bottle or a candy, at the time of takeoff and landing, this will help him endure this sometimes painful step. As the air in the cabin is very dry, you should not hesitate to make it drink a lot, and why not give it sodas if it is nauseous. Please note that the air safety rules prohibit the transport of liquids, then an empty feeding bottle may be used to fill the aircraft.

Don’t forget some cuddly toys 

To pass the time, Pack small toys that you can give to your child as if to reward him for being wise for more or less half an hour. These toys do not have to be expensive, they can even be old forgotten toys (and if it is possible, not noisy). The small plush toys and the clockwork toys are perfect. Opening gifts is also an activity in the airplane that has the merit of being original.

Stay longer in less locations

Why not set several days in the same place instead of multiplying destinations? You will enjoy your trip to the fullest and alternate visits and activities with periods of rest and relaxation. You will give your child time to adapt smoothly to the scene change, he'll be grateful, and you'll all be more relaxed.

Find fun for everyone

Get ready in advance, be flexible, devote time to your children's entertainment and remember that the trip is part of the holiday. Also think that everything will be fine and that you all are supposed to have fun.

Travelling is the most beautiful adventure a couple can share, if you are a travelling mummy or daddy, share with us your experience.

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