Traveling alone allows you to refocus on yourself, to revisit your aspirations and desires. It is a challenge that one launches, an awakening of the senses, a return to the original animality and resourcing.

It is for this reason that every traveler must know his strengths by accepting his limits, acting in responsible and mature beings and forcing us to inscribe our desires in the field of the achievable and not in that of the imaginary.

Don’t be afraid of your own company

Listen to yourself, If you think this Alley is a little too dark, do not engage. If this person seems a little fishy, detach yourself. If this bridge does not look solid, do not cross it. Traveling alone does not mean to behave like a hero but to have faith in your own company.

Smile More

At the market, at the hotel, in the restaurant, in the shops, in the taxi... smile, be open to people and talk. It will seem odd to you at first, but you never know what positive energy you can bring to yourself.

Never Underestimate The Power Of “Hello”

Leaving alone does not necessarily mean staying alone. On the contrary, traveling alone allows more exchanges, whether with local people or other travelers. The most beautiful experiences of travel are often born of the spontaneity and the flexibility that one demonstrates, it is for this reason that a simple ‘Hello’ can also change everything. You should  treat everyone with love and respect. By doing that, you open yourself to new perspectives and possibilities.

Just say no

On another hand you must be attentive to the feelings that invade you. Often, you feel uncomfortable when a request is likely to put you in a difficult situation. It is your inner voice that speaks to you. The wisest is then to ask for a period of reflection and to say no if you do not agree.

Embrace technology and terrible films

It is possible that during your trip you will spend an evening without going out of your accommodation, so it is absolutely normal to watch TV or to spend time on your tablet or Smartphone.  This means you are resourceful and you always find a way to entertain yourself.

Have you ever gone on a solo trip ? Share your experience with us if you did.

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