Rule number one, you have to go on a trip with people with whom you have an enormous amount in common. It's obvious, but it's good to remember.

Not even bother to try a stay with a friend who loves to nap in the sun while you hate to cook like a toast on a towel and prefer the daily escapades. If you are more of a thrifty type and your friends want to enjoy this summer, tensions may arise. It would be a shame to break a friendship for so little.

Before you leave, do not hesitate to organize a weekend with your friends. So you'll have a little idea of what the holidays are all about. 

Stick to a budget

If you do not decide on a budget in advance, you risk controversy and conflict. Before you go, choose a reasonable budget, to avoid arriving on the spot by telling you that you are going to sip champagne, while the others are looking for a cheap coffee. To go on holiday with friends is know well the situation of each before departure.

Identify your ‘must-sees’

It is essential that all friends do not agree on all the activities, but on a majority at least, otherwise the schedule will become unmanageable. It is easier to plan common activities that have the same interests. Moreover, if a majority of your friends have a passion in common, it is interesting to make thematic journeys. Day hike, visit museums or surf lessons. As long as it does not leave the others on the side for too long.

Be ok with alone time and together time

Even if you are the only one who does not want to go to the water park, a whim will not solve the problem and will not make you popular with your friends. Sometimes you have to learn to follow the movement, accepting that another day you can devote time to yourself and do what you’ve planned to do.

Don't be Too laid back

If your friends can be annoying, you can be unhelpful too. Don't be passive, help your friends to make decisions, get ahead, be polite and patient, and try to understand everyone's point of view. Thus, your journey will take place in the best possible conditions.


To preserve your friendship and avoid keeping a bad memory of this experience, there is nothing better than communication. Expressing your expectations and apprehensions freely allows others to better understand your reactions and choices. It is also the perfect way to avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

What is the most memorable experience you have ever shared with your friends during a trip ?

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