Museums are places in which valuable objects are collected, preserved and exhibited, art galleries that serve to acquire works, to classify them and to preserve them, as well as to expose them to a large public. To discover some great museums of Africa.

Egyptian Museum of Cairo

The biggest museums in Africa - Egyptioan museum

The Cairo Museum of Antiquities in Egypt is one of the largest museums in Africa if not the world, it contains one of the rarest collections of man-made artifacts in the world. Called the museum of civilization, a beautiful and fascinating place, it exudes beauty and serenity that starts from the temples, statues, and the smallest objects of daily life in this majestic civilization. The reason why it is called the museum of civilization is because the most important thing is the very concept of civilization; each showcase in this museum tells a different story or concept of civilization, its jewel is the 22 Pharaoh mummies of ancient rulers in Cairo.

Apartheid Museum

the biggest museum in africa - Musée de lApartheid

Located in South Africa in Johannesburg, in this museum, the symbols its omnipresent, it gives life in remembrance of the famous system of racial discrimination that has become synonymous with "South Africa. Hosted in a racial segregation, the museum has two entrances marked White and non-white according to tickets, it is worth visiting not only for tourists coming from all over the world but for the South Africans

Bardo National Museum

the biggest museum in africa - Musée de bardo

The national museum of Bardo is located in Tunis capital of Tunisia in the Beaulieu du bardo is considered as one of the most important museums after Cairo of Egypt. Collected by its richness it traces and retraces all the history of Tunisia over millennia and civilizations by large archaeological pieces. It offers several exhibitions and many works that are discovered by archaeological research in Tunisia. Also called the Alaoui Museum it gathers one of the most beautiful and largest collections of Roman mosaics and the world thanks to its different archaeological sites such as Carthage, Hadrumete, Dougga or Utica.

National Museum of Tanzania

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The purpose of this beautiful place located in Tanzania is to preserve and show exhibitions on the history and natural environment of Tanzania. It is a consortium of Tanzanian museums which it is developed from the national museum Dar es Salem.

Goree Island

the biggest museum in africa

The Historical Museum of Senegal Goree is a museum located on Goree Island in the Bay of Dakar. It is devoted to the general history of the country from the origins of independence and particularly to that of Goree in an effort to explain and commemorate the slave trade that was used in this region. It collects large rooms with objects and documents tracing the history of the slave trade.

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