Top 5 most beautiful countries of Africa

Africa is a continent full of amazing and impressive diversity. Its surprising and wonderful countries are a mosaic of fascinating natural landscapes.

Here is the list of the finest African countries in order to encourage you to discover the hidden wonders of Africa


With an impressive natural wealth, Tunisia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries of Africa. From north to south, Tunisia offers so many surprises to discover: the sandy beaches, mountains and impressive national parks and a magic desert. Tunisia also keeps fingerprints of different civilizations; you would therefore be entitled to contemplate the most beautiful natural landscapes that mix with grandiose monuments that date back to thousands of years.


The must see country of Central Africa for the more adventurous travelers, Tanzania reserves so many places to discover. It is the ideal destination to unlock the mysteries of the savannah and see more closely the wildest animals. Tanzania is also the beaches with turquoise waters of Zanzibar, a country with an irresistible charm.


This is a key destination for adventurers who are always looking for thrills and enchantment. Kenya will offer you the opportunity to attend the wild animals of the savannah and conquer the mysteries of ancient forests thanks to wide range of safari experiences through its rich flora and fauna and its surreal landscapes.

South Africa

Marked by an impressive variety of landscapes, South Africa will amaze you with its inexhaustible wealth. A fascinating natural mosaic of savannas, mountains, beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, the South Africa will never leave anyone indifferent.


Another North African country to be discovered, Morocco is one of the most famous countries of Africa. In the heart of this wonderful country you will find a concentrate of landscapes and history: the beautiful varied landscapes, authentic traditions preserved and cities living by the rhythm of modern life. It is a multifaceted destination that will fully satisfy you.

What is your favorite destination?