Whether you are a tourist or a local, there is almost never a shortage of opportunities to go to markets. Much more than just a place to exchange money and products of all kinds, markets are real attractions, especially in Africa. Here is a list of some of the biggest markets in Africa

The Dantokpa market

Best markets in africa - Le marché Dantokpa

Located in Cotonou just near Lake Nokoué is one of the largest open-air markets in West Africa, built since 1963, it covers an area of 18 hectares and brings together more than 15 vendors and craftsmen. It receives more than a million buyers a day who come from the sub-regions and even from other countries in Central Africa to buy beautiful things:

Kumasi Central

Best markets in africa - Le central de Kumasi

Located in Accra; is simply one of the largest markets in West Africa, you can find all kinds of items, they have more than 10000 stores and stalls also called kejetia you can find anything on the arch with a reasonable price linen and African fabrics well printed kejetia is very huge explore it is very pleasant!

The Souk of Marrakech

Best markets in africa - Le Souk de Marrakech

The souks of Marrakech are traditional oriental markets of the city of Marrakech, it is one of the main places of trade and tourism of Morocco. If you go there, poultry, spices, herbs, aromatic carpets, Moroccan pastries, tagine dishes, tea sets, clothes, babouches will make you happy.

The market of Kaolack

Best markets in africa - Le marché de Kaolack

Located in Senegal, Kaolack is a river port and one of the largest cities in Senegal. All the trades are represented with an astonishing authenticity, such as sausage maker or herbalist. You can buy many things, such as musical instruments, fruits, vegetables, Senegalese animal remedies and materials.

The Balogun market

Best markets in africa - Le marché de Balogun

The largest market and one of the largest in West Africa, whether you are looking for brightly colored African fabrics, typical Ankara fabrics, leather articles of clothing or accessories, shoes or handicrafts, do your shopping in Balogun and let yourself be won over by the atmosphere of the merchants who will allow you to get the best price from the local merchants.

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