Over time, several statistics and studies were made to discover when to find the cheapest airline tickets.

It seems that the perfect time is 24 weeks before going on a trip, but the price of the tickets also varies depending on the days of the week. A recent study by airlines reporting Corp (CRA) shows that the best time to purchase airline tickets is 24 weeks prior to departure, for external travel. As a result, the holidays must be booked in "early booking" and also the airline tickets to benefit from the cheapest variants.

The perfect day for the cheapest airline tickets

Sunday represents the day of the week or you find the cheapest airline tickets. Despite the fact that previous studies showed that Tuesday is more appropriate to buy airline tickets. CRA representatives analyzed approximately 130 million ticket transactions in January 2013 and July 2014 and found that the cheapest airline tickets are booked on Sundays. Travelers who booked a Sunday day paid an average of 958 dollars for international flights.

Top of the best days to find cheap airline tickets

1. Sunday

2. Saturday

3. Monday

4. Tuesday

5. Wednesday

6. Thursday

7. Friday

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