We cannot deny the fact that traveling with groups of friends or family members is great but if one is looking for something deeper, travelling alone is one of the most rewarding experiences and here are the reasons:

1- Making new friends

When you travel alone you are more approachable, people come to talk to you, they accept you more easily when you are alone. It is less intimidating to talk with a person than to a group of people. Thus, it is easier to make Friends when traveling alone.

2-Going on adventures whenever and wherever you want

When you are in an unfamiliar country, you want to go on adventure and to discover the country in  a way that satisfies you. The moment you want to do something you do it simply, you only depend on yourself. You can freely make your own independent descisions.

3- Learning more about the country you are visiting

When you are alone you pay more attention to the details of your journey, the country in which you land, you immerse yourself more in its culture and its history.

4- Appreciating your loved ones

When you get away from your friends and family, it feels good at first; you take time for yourself but after a while they start to miss you and you start to miss them. At this point, you start appreciating their existence in your life.

5- Thinking better when alone

When you travel alone you have time to think carefully, to better plan the future and to change perspectives and to question oneself. Traveling solo, thus, makes us more mature and responsible. 


Have you ever tried to travel solo?