Most of the passengers do not carefully read what is written in the notes joining the airline tickets. 

Practically, when a person buys a ticket, she signs a contract with the airline company but that does not mean that she has any rights. That is why companies can delay or cancel flights.

Here are 6 secrets you didn't know about 

The airline draws up a contract that it is in his favor and the passenger automatically agrees with this the moment he buys the ticket.

The airline is not obliged to respect the time and destination stated on the ticket. It seems amazing but when we read the references on the ticket we see a clear specication "the hours mentioned in the program are neither guaranteed nor part of this contract. The hours can be changed without notice. "

Flights with more stops cost more, the company taxing the highest possible price for each flight segment.

There is no clear legislation on the minimum space that a passenger must have. Consequently, passengers may not have enough space because there is not a standard on this regard.

During the last years the plane tickets could not anymore be changed between airlines. Thus if a flight is canceled, passengers can no longer be transferred to the flight of another airline to the same destination. They will simply lose the flight and they are forced to find an alternative transportation solution.

Some companies establish from the start a size limit for hand luggage. Others may refuse to accept some bags, a clause existing on this direction.