Jogging in Rome

When you are in Rome, you will not be able to help yourselves from buying an ice cream or eating an Italian pizza or some delicious penne. 

Therefore, in order to stay fit and avoid the extra weight, we offer you 6 places in Rome where you can go for a jogging or just for a simple walk or hike.

The Tiber- Trastevere 

If you are looking for a hike in Rome and to the discovery of the Italian history at the same time, you can walk along 500 meters by the Tiber’s sides and enjoy the drawings that cover its side’s wall summarizing the Italian history.

You can find over 80 figures that decided about the destiny of the country since antiquity to the present passing by the Renaissance. Also, you can cross some mythological Roman icons. These drawings, accomplished by the South-African artist William Kentridge, were made by the stencil style. He used pressured hot water to clean the dirty blackish walls, creating these beautiful pictures that symbolize the triumphs but also the lamentations of Italy. 

Therefore, you can walk from the Garibaldi Bridge to the Mazzini one and enjoy Italian history along 500 meters. However, my advice to you is to plan a hike to the Tiber as soon as possible because this magnificent work of art will disappear within 5 years as William Kentridge said. Pollution, rain and the river’s raw will cover gradually the clean parts with a layer that will turn in black through time.  

Villa Torlonia

Many Romans chose The Villa Torlonia to do their daily jogging or simply to have a walk in an open space far from the busy streets. You can visit this ancient Roman Villa, jog, walk or laze in its gardens enjoying its small lakes, exotics plants and unusual buildings scattered in the 14 hectares area. This villa was owned in the 19th century by the “Torlonians”, some very rich Romans. In 1977, it became a city park containing 3 small museums that you can visit after your hike in the gardens

The Villa Borghese Park 

Don’t be like the rest of the tourists who visit the gallery Borghese and ignore its 80 hectares gardens. While Jogging in these gardens, you can cross some beautiful ancient fountains made since the 17th century by the cardinal Borghese. You can breathe pure air and free your lungs from the Carbone then relax by the lake under the shadow of the big ancient trees. You can also join your hike by a visit to the Gallery Borghese and the three museums constructed in the villa, to enjoy Leonardo De Vinci, Botticelli…’s works of art

Villa Doria Pämphili 

Villa Doria Pämphili is the ideal place for those who love to jog. You can enjoy the beautiful fountains, statues, lake and authentic Palace (the Palace cannot be entered) of the villa. Therefore you can run, walk or rest in the biggest Park in Rome (180 hectares) and cross its French styled gardens and lands (originally Vineyards). Constructed in the 17th century, the Villa witnessed one of the most important battles against the French troops in 1849. Despite the damages that occurred, the gardens are still one of the most splendid parks in Rome.

The Appia Antica

If you are a fan of nature, history and sports, the Appian Way is the road for you. Along this pathway-considered as the oldest one in the history (constructed since 312 B.C) - Roman ruins, beautiful villas and splendid landscapes border its both sides. The Appia Antica- called “Queen of the long roads”- used to relate Rome to Capoue. Today, extended on more than 500 Km, it relates Rome to Brindisi.

Guided Tour: Jogging

Far from the classical ways, visit Rome running with a touristic guide. This new way of discovering the city attracts tourists from all over the world. The main goal of this visit is to try a new experience in which you can visit Rome's monuments and jog in the meanwhile, in a record time. The journey starts at 9 am in front of Castle Sant Angalo then, it continues to Navona, Del Popolo, Venezia, Di Spagne- passing by the Trevi fountain and the Pantheon. The runners stop in front of every monument and learn information about it, presented by the touristic guide.