Getting a vacation in an exotic and warm country is such a pleasure for some travelers.

They are willing to spend a fortune just to enjoy it.

In these days, these destinations have become accessible for the majority of travelers, if they apply to follow some conditions that allow them to take advantage of the considerable discounts for their stay.

We have selected some of tricks that you will surely find useful:

1. The flight choice

Among the good strategies to fly cheaply to Bangkok, Thailand, is not to book a direct flight. Most of direct flights are faster, although way more expensive.

2. The Travel agency

Opt for the cheapest travel agency. Keep in mind that travel prices vary from day to day. In general, the price of tickets decreases considerably in the middle of the week and increases on weekends. Sometimes in a three day interval you can save up to $100.

3. Opt for the low season

In Thailand the so-called low season works much like the high season. So to attract tourists, some hosts cut their prices by half.

Southern Thailand as well as the islands always have a sunny sky almost all year round.


Have you ever visited Thailand? Do you know any other tricks to save on travel?

Don't hesitate to share :)