We repeat it constantly, everything goes too fast, we are exhausted by our work, by the ten thousand things to think daily,  we need a break. In fact, it may be because our society is going through a bad time, that the craze for this kind of travel is important. Here are 5 useful tips for practicing slow travel and also eco-friendly travel.

Traveling by bus or train rather than by plane

You are not ignoring that the airplane is a source of environmental pollution. When you travel by bus or by train, you can discover other facets of a country . Especially if you travel from one city to another, you can see beautiful landscapes, unusual places, and surprising discoveries.

Exchanging with humans

To be connected with this mode of travel, it is imperative to become a local trade practitioner. With every interaction with a local, you will have the opportunity to ask for advice for the rest of your adventures. Let yourself be amazed by the synchronicity of your trip and let yourself be worn by the wave. Forget the comments of bloggers or travel guides and spend your time communicating with the people around you.

Dropping out of technology

Forget Facebook,  forget your emails, forget your technological worries. Be selfish and keep your journey to yourself. Forget the camera, sometimes, and be selfish by putting the emphasis on the moment, the second that passes. For you alone, and no one else.

Plan less, plan better

Think about doing small planning! Or, if you prefer, don't do it at all. Otherwise, you will stop running in every direction and end up exhausted. But this is not at all the spirit of slow travel.

In fact, by anticipating less, by having a free morning for example you are setting up space for spontaneity, for meetings and appreciation of the present moment.

Learn a new language

Another important point of slow travel is learning or at least familiarization with the local language. Become a language professional, even if you don't know anything about it. Before departure, practice by writing on small cards, a dozen usual sentences of the country, in order to unlock the first contact with your future hosts. You will see their smiles will be instant

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