We have all -at one time or another- expressed the wish to spend a dream holiday away from the daily stress and from work.

No one can deny that travel planning remains a crucial step in fulfilling this wish. Every detail in this planning process needs to be paid attention.

Thus, the choice of suitcases can be an exhausting and difficult decision. What many travelers seem to forget is that the choice of suitcases depends directly on the type of vacation they are about to take. 

Here are some tips to consider:

Short stays

If the trip is intended for a single destination for a short time and especially if the intended means of transportation is a taxi, a small suitcase with a good system will help you travel easily and without stress.

Long journey, several destinations

If the planned trip includes several destinations and public transport is provided upon arrival, in this case a light bag with wheels that turns into a backpack gives you the opportunity to keep your hands free in order to show you ticket and your passport.

Passport and important documents

Speaking of the passport, if you want to keep your hands free and at the same time ensure that you can easily have access to your travel documents, the use of a silver travel belt is strongly advised. However, beware of belts that can be easily spotted by criminals.

Weight of suitcases

It is also important to check the weight of the suitcases before purchasing them. Some suitcases need to be avoided because they are heavy which can be a handicap especially with the strict regulations of travel companies. 


Do you find these tips helpful? What type of suitcases do you carry during your travels?