Have you any idea about the new trend of the "Slow traveling" ? Here are some useful advices to help you adopt this approach.


The slow travel is to enjoy the luxury of taking its time. Whether it is here or elsewhere, it is to offer the opportunity to soak up the places where we are and the people who live there. It is to take part in the social life of a country and take the time of discovery by privileging the quality of the experience rather than the number of activities that we will do in a defined time.

Bring the human back!

In an era of speed and technology, some people feel the need to slow down, take the time to enjoy life, realize where they are and what they really want. The whole idea is to invite people to slow down the rhythm of their life so that they can beat their stress due to a "modern" and fast way of being. It offers a return to sources and a certain voluntary simplicity, in order to better understand the realities of the world, the people and the environment that surround us. 

A fashionable travel style

We have a taste for change, to take time, to pick up, to live at healthier living and to put a little order into our daily rush. Let us express our nomadic side, come back changed, touch the unknown and take a step back on our life that seems very uninspiring. One is much to be in great search of meaning and the simple fact of moving our cells in another country for a given time, is no longer suitable for everyone. The alternative finds a landmark in an increasingly slow travel mode,  focused on meetings first and foremost and not only on visiting known places or things seen through our camera.

If you are curious, feel free to discover an easy recipe for the perfect slow travel experience.