A study published by Travelmath shows that the toilet is the most hygienic place on the plane.

Passengers must take this new information into account in order to avoid getting sick during the journey.

The researchers took bacteria samples from several locations of 4 aircrafts on 5 airports and subsequently analyzed the results to establish which corners were the dirtiest.

Surprisingly, the dirtiest place of the plane is the small folding table that is used to eat, that table has 8 times more bacteria than the toilet. Here is the explanation: the toilets are among the cleanest places on the plane because they are washed and disinfected after each flight. On the other hand the tables are completely neglected between flights. The opinion of the researchers is to use antibacterial gel on the edge of the plane and not to drop the food on the table. Tables are cleaned only at the end of the day not between flights as is the case for toilets.

At the airports, however, the dirtiest places are the drinking fountains, more precisely the button that you must press to drink water.