From Myanmar to Vietnam, the countries of Southeast Asia are increasingly becoming popular destinations for frequent travelers as well as for those seeking adventure and discovery.

Whatever your reasons for waiting to explore these destinations as much as it is impressive, here are some easy and useful tips to memorize so that you fully enjoy your out of the ordinary trip.

1. Pay attention to local customs

The etiquette in South Asia is extremely important, it is indeed a part of the planet to have quite particular traditions and beliefs. For example, shoes should be removed when entering a temple, and the arms and legs should be covered. Try to inspire the locals to facilitate your stay. In Myanmar, a traditional longyi can be a great way to cool off and cover the time you spent exploring the different temples. Night markets in one of the cities are a good place to find this traditional costume. It is also worth taking advantage of local transportation: Tuk-tuks are a fast and inexpensive way to get around at the end of a long day of sightseeing. It's quite simple, try to mingle with the locals to better appreciate the visit.

2. Adapt to climate change

During the day it can get very hot in Southeast Asia. Changes in frequent temperatures mean that you will need to change your outfit quite often. So make sure to bring enough outfits, and try to wear many light layers. This can help you transition from hot days to cool nights.

3. Exercise negotiating skills

Do not be afraid to negotiate with local traders, it's a fun way to interact with the local people and get a taste of their culture. Keep enough money on hand for shopping, buy water bottles and do your little purchases.

4. Do not hesitate to try the local dishes

For the most authentic experience, you'll want to get a taste of the local kitchen. Try to visit the well-known restaurants around your hotel, and if you have enough courage, try the street kitchen, it is in these small kiosks that you will taste the real recipes and authentic flavors. However, make sure that you go to a kiosk that is popular enough not to risk digestion or infection.

5. Put yourself at ease

Do not forget to bring sunscreen, a big hat and your sunglasses. A small package of wet wipes is also convenient for wiping away sweat and dust and disinfecting hands if there is no water. Do not leave the country without offering yourself a relaxing massage to relax and get back in shape, the best massages are here!


So here are our simple and practical tips, what are your travelling tips for Southeast Asia? Share your experiences and your valuable advices.