Some people, while looking for adventure, choose to go surfing or skiing but others want more extreme experiences, ones with a high dose of adrenaline.

Here’s a list of the most insane attractions in the world, from Chile where you can do the burgee jumping over an active volcano to Bolivia where you can enjoy a bicycle ride on the roadway of death.

In addition of being very adventurous, those attraction are not very expensive to experience, for example, doing the most dangerous rollercoaster in the world would only cost you 10 dollars.

Now not a lot of people are willing to do those adventures, but here are the ones that a courageous person may find tempting.

The fastest zip-line ride in the world:

In the north Wales in the UK, a ride on a 150 height meters zip-line which can go 150km per hour fast costs only 78 dollars.

Free falling in a 150km per hour speed in Soweto South Africa :

Free falling without a rope or a parachute in a speed that can reach 100km per hour.


Storm chasing in Denver Colorado:

There are guides who can lead you to a place where you can watch how the tornado hppens and what damage it could do, the price is 2900dollars.

Rollercoaster in the mountains of Austria:

The rollercoaster moves through the most dangerous area in the Alps with a speed up to 42km per hour, the price is 10 dollars.

Bungee jumping into a volcano:

For 15 700 dollars you can jump from the helicopters straight inside an active volcano of Billerica, though the package includes a room in 5 stars hotel it is the most expansive bungee jumping in the world.

A bike ride in the death road in Bolivia:

Lovers of cycling can enjoy the magnificent view while wandering around in the death road despite of the fact that about 300 people die every year on this road.

Marathon in the sand:

It’s happening in Morocco it costs 3170 dollars, it’s a path  that is crossed for 6 days through the Saharan desert in a 50 degree heat. 

Do you dare to try one of this attractions?