Top 10 most beautiful islands in the world

The life of every day we imposes a suffocating rhythm and a permanent stress.

For the ultimate relaxation therapy, we must go out of the ordinary and escape from the routine imposed by the needs of our daily life. Traveling on a tropical island offers us a moment of true relaxation through the turquoise sea, sun, palm trees and more. Here are the top ten most beautiful islands in the world


This is the jewel of the Indian Ocean, a dream location that will mark you forever. To visit and revisit.

Koh Lipe

It is the smallest island of Thailand, consisting of three main beaches that have the shape of a boomerang. A paradise in the waters of the Andaman Sea.


White sandy beaches, sparkling blue water bungalows. In short, heaven on earth!


Escape to Paradise! The island where all your dreams come true! 


More than a thousand of islands rising from the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

Mnemba Island

Sit down, relax, enjoy the sun and think twice before leaving this dream location.

The island of Cebu

If you are looking for a perfect tropical getaway, abstain immediately, you have found it!

Cook Island

Located in the heart of the South Pacific, this is the perfect getaway for your honeymoon.

The islands of Turks and Caicos

Located in the peaceful Caribbean, these beaches are a true luxury destination.

Fernando de Noronha

Come to this island and discover a landscape that you’ve ignored the existence.

What do you think of these destinations? Do you know other paradisiacal destinations?