top 10 destinations for shopping

If you experience palpitations every time you go through a shopping street, if you are on the lookout for the latest offers shopping center in your neighborhood…

So you will feel in your element in each city we concocted for you. Indeed, the ten places that we propose here are a paradise for shopaholics. Here are the top ten places not to be missed to renew your wardrobe:

New York

It is a city that breathes fashion. Most fashion designers are based in NY. It remains probably the number one place to visit for "fashion victims".


Japan's capital is home to over 35 million citizens. This is a very modern city that offers visitors high-end products and provides a luxury shopping. You will not be disappointed.

Los Angeles

It is an energetic city in the West side of the United States. It is the perfect place for shopping travel lovers.

Buenos Aires

The architecture and lifestyle in Buenos Aires attract tourists. It is a delightful place to shop!

Saint Barth

This is a French island in the Caribbean. Famous for its beautiful beaches, chic restaurants and designer shops known worldwide.


A tropical metropolis that it is also the most user-friendly destination for travelers.


For shopping, the part of the city called "Gueliz" or New Town is the place to visit. It contains stores of major brands.


The city represents the modern Italy. It is the paradise of modern shopping.


The City of Lights is unique; you can enjoy the sights of the city together to window shopping along the Champs Elysée.


The city remains one of the greatest "world cities" of culture, fashion, finance, politics and trade. It is a must.

And you, where do you prefer to shop?