The african continent is  full of impressive natural treasures,its surprising and wonderful countries constitute a mosaic of fascinating natural landscapes.

Here is the list of the most beautiful African countries to encourage you to discover the hidden wonders of Africa.

Tunisia :

With an impressive natural wealth, Tunisia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries of Africa. From north to south, Tunisia offers so many surprises to discover: sandy beaches, impressive mountains and national parks and a desert as far as the eye can see. Tunisia also has the imprint of different civilizations, you should go to contemplate the most beautiful natural landscapes that border grandiose monuments that have been therefor thousands of years.


A land of Central Africa for the most adventurous travelers, Tanzania has so much to offer you. The ideal destination to uncover the mysteries of the savannah and to see more closely the wildest animals. Tanzania is also the beaches with turquoise waters of Zanzibar, a land of irresistible charm.


A destination that you can't mis going to it's an ideal place for adventurers who are always looking for thrills and enchantment. Kenya will offer you the opportunity to see the savannah's wild animals and to conquer the mysteries of the immense forests thanks to the wide range of safari experiences that it offers you through its rich fauna and flora and its surreal landscapes.

South Africa:

Featuring an impressive variety of landscapes, South Africa will amaze you with its amazing natural treasures. A fascinating natural mosaic: from savannahs, to mountains, to the beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, South Africa will never sees to impress you.

Morocco :

Another North African country you need to visit as soon as possible, Morocco is one of the most well known countries of Africa. An amazing landscape and history will be offered to you in a wonderful country: magnificent landscapes, authentic traditions preserved mixed with a touch of modern life. A multi-faceted destination that will surely amaze you.

What is your favorite destination?