The 10 largest cities in the world in population

For many travelers, visiting the most populated cities is an intense and thrilling adventure.

So here is the top of the ten largest cities in the world in terms of number of inhabitants

Tokyo, Japan

This is one of the most developed cities of the world, famous for its innovative high tech products and the largest in the world in terms of population with 37.1 millions of residents. Tokyo remains the favorite destination of many travelers looking to experience a different culture of their origins.

Jakarta, Indonesia 

The economic, cultural and politic hub of teh coast of Java, Jakarta hosts 26 million people. 

Seoul, South Korea

With 22.5 millions inhabitants, Seoul is ranked number three. The city is very modern. This is notably one of the oldest cities in the world.

Delhi, India

This is the oldest city in India and with more than 22.2 million inhabitants it is considered the fourth largest in the world. 

Shanghai, China

The city has seen remarkable progress in the last decade. Its strategic position and its modernity attract tourists from all countries. It remains the most populated city in the world with 20.8 million inhabitants. 

Manila, Phillipines

Well-known as a shopping hub, Manila is less known for its large population of 20.7 million souls. 

Karachi, Pakistan 

With a population of 20.7 million inhabitants, Karachi is known for its important cultural heritage.

New York, USA

This is one of the most dreamt cities in the world! Even the population of more than 23 million persons could not compete with its charm. 

Sao Paolo, Brazil

With 21 million inhabitants, Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and the sixth worldwide. The city is famous for its majestic skyscrapers and picturesque landscape.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico, this fascinanting city is the largest of its country. Mexico is home for more than 23 million people. 

Which one of these cities did you visited?