Enjoying the sun has never been easy, especially when you want to get away from it all. That's why we present to you the different seaside cities where you can spend pleasant moments with your friends and family.

Ibiza, Spain


A Mediterranean city off the coast of Spain but especially known for its thriving disco and electroacoustic is a great island to spend time with friends or family. Since the city is a Unesco heritage, it is possible to take historical places to party.

Miami, Florida


Located in the United States, it is full of warm beaches with soft sand, nightclubs and restaurants throughout the city that attract many visitors. The best place to have fun is South Beach because you will be living the moment in its deepest reality because even in a cab there is atmosphere.

Mykonos, Greece


Greece is best known for its beaches in Mykonos but also for its cuisine and architecture. It offers restaurants and discos to have fun with the particularity of waking up in the morning in a luxury hotel with a beautiful view while having breakfast.

Koh Phanghan, Thailand

Koh phanghan

Although rivaled by phuket, koh phanghan organizes once a month a full moon party located in the gulf of Thailand which is a beach place. During this party, many visitors come to enjoy the different dance rhythms and beware, this party is not for the faint of heart.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro brésil

Rio de Janeiro is known for its beautiful beaches but also for its dancing rhythm and its way of living in joy and gaiety. Whether you go to Rio during Carnival or to Copacabana Beach, you will always be greeted by the rhythm of the music.

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