Top 15 places to visit before they disappear in 2050

Well-known places, which are the delight of tourists from all over the world are threatened to disappear before 2050.

The change of the climate, the rising sea levels are just some factors that threaten these heavenly places with their disappearance in less than a half- century. Maldives, Seychelles, Mount Kilimanjaro or Venice ... yes you read correctly ! From one day to the next we may no longer have the chance to visit these places. And even the North Pole is in danger ; it will disappear within 5 years since the ice is in danger of collapsing , leaving the Arctic Ocean become like the others.

Here are 15 places to visit before 2050

The Seychelles

Venice will be submerged


Tokelau Island


Carteret Island

Glacier National Park USA

Kiribati Island


Kavalina Island to disappear in 2025

Mount Kilimanjaro

Nauru Island

Solomon Islands

Marshall Islands

North Pole

Tuvalu Archipelago

Kosrae, Micronesia