You are a big fan of travelling and exploring the world especially in this particular time of the year when it’s all about holidays and fun, but for a change you don’t want to spend the holidays in the cold and snow, you are looking for something else, a place when you can spend the new year’s eve in the sun by the beach.

Well here’s a list of places where you can travel and enjoy a warm and sunny December:

Auckland, New Zealand: 

In Auckland in the month of December it’s summer time. The beaches are more and more crowded as the temperature rises, and you can enjoy outdoor dining and long weekend brunches. It is a month of increased sunshine and temperatures, a great time for travelers.

Melbourne, Australia:

While Europe is lost to rain and snow, Melbourne is a great weather place with blue skies and sunshine, with a great number of attractions and the opportunity to go on a road trip and to drive through winding curves of the Great Ocean Road.

Cancun, Mexico:

What could be more awesome to be on the beach with a cocktail in your hand while other people are stuck at their houses due to the cold weather? December in Cancun is a beach party full of people enjoying life and the warm sun.


The Caribbean island is a familiar option for tourists; temperatures reach the 30 degrees while you can be staring at the sunset from the beach.


You can enjoy a perfect holiday  while visiting  the gardens by the bay and shopping at the shopping malls on the avenue of Orchard Road.

Sri Lanka :

December is an ideal month to visit Sri Lanka with a temperature that reachs 30 degrees but sri lanka is not only about warmth the sights are amazing, the likes of rock titan Sigiriya and the hill station Nuwara Eliya are essential sights.

Which one of these amazing destinations would you rather visit?