The best romantic places in the world

The trip is the refuge of those romantic persons by excellence. Whether in the imaginary world of books or in the most magical places on Earth, the journey remains the ultimate dream of all souls united by this noble sentiment which is the love.

We have selected the best places in the world for the most romantic travelers in order  to fulfill the deepest wish. Make your choice:

Venice, Italy

A gondola ride on the Grand Canal, crossing the ancient bridge is the best gift we can offer to our beloved. This is the kind of experience to live at least once in a lifetime for a romantic traveler. Venice is the very emblem of romanticism and that, mainly due to its vibrant and glowing architectural wealth.

Avignon, France

The city is known by the greatest Gothic structures in Europe. Travelers who go there have a lot of fun wandering on the cobblestone streets of Saint Rémy, the village that inspired the Van Gogh's masterpiece "Starry Nights". Travelers can also take advantage of tasting the best French wines.

Côte d’Azur

This is the dream place to spend holidays in couple. The charming harbor of St Tropez is full of Parisians and jet setters came from around the world to spend a quiet and peaceful vacation on their private yachts. Shopping in the ultra posh stores and walks on sandy beaches shops form a good program for a romantic holiday on the French Riviera.

Dublin, Ireland

It is a city that exudes the captivating romance of Ireland. Breathtaking landscapes await you, greenery that stretches for kilometers; there is certainly no better place for lovers to enjoy the tranquility of nature as Ireland. A visit to Malahide Castle is a must. 

Do you know other magical places known for their infinite romanticism?