Top 10 perfect destinations for a honeymoon

After exchanging vows, newly married couples are eager to approach their honeymoon.Three days a week or maybe more for relaxing and unforgettable time spent together, the honeymoons allow lovers to enjoy their new life and to be entertained.

Thus, honeymoons come in all shapes and sizes: holidays on the beach, safari, ski trip and so on. Honeymoons are primarily chosen according to the tastes and the personality of couples rather than traditions. The list we have selected for you is an overview of the ten most coveted destinations to spend a dream holiday with your soul mate.


This is the ultimate destination for honeymoons with beautiful beaches and charming islands, each of them with its own personality and attractions.

Costa Rica, Central America

Meet the "Special jewel" of Central America. There is so much to discover. This is one of the best destinations to go as a couple.


Going on safari in the heart of Africa is an option for the more adventurous couples who want to do something really memorable during their honeymoon.


It is a wonderful destination with breathtaking landscapes. You don’t risk to forget your honeymoon very soon.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Get carried away by the glamour of Las Vegas as you make the tour of the most impressive casinos in the world.

Aspen, Colorado

It's the perfect destination for winter sports.

The islands of Turks and Caicos

Located some 575 miles southeast of Miami, these breathtaking islands have a very vaste coral system.

Nice, France

It's the perfect destination for couples who want to relax under the sun.


If you want to plan a romantic getaway, this is the place! 

Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

This is a classic honeymoon. This is the guarantee of spending a vacation in two different countries; it is enough to cross the Canadian border above the falls. Also enjoy Niagara Casino to test your luck couple!

What do you think of these destinations? Do you have other suggestions for a dream vacation with your lover?