best places to see in february

If you have the possibility to go on holidays in February it means that you're very lucky.

Why? The answer is because the tropical destinations are affordable especially after the peak season in December and January.

Here are the top five destinations you need to consider in February

Lima, Peru

The sunny climate and the dry weather are always welcomed at this time of the year. For your convenience, you can always find good deals. Lima is a fantastic destination; you will never forget your stay in Peru.

Cape Town, South Africa

This is the best season to enjoy the beauty of this country. The weather is very pleasant in February. In addition to the sunny weather and beautiful beaches, tourists opt for adventure getaways offered through safaris.

Goa, India

It is the ideal place to enjoy the beaches with fine sand. Many hotels are available and their prices are affordable. You will surely find good deals if you book your stay early.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is an acclaimed destination for those who like to explore Southeast Asia. Sukhumvit is the best place for tourists eager to find the best shops and luxury hotels.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

The best time to visit Siem Reap is the period between November and February. This is a beautiful place which houses cheap guest houses. Food and drinks are not expensive. Tourists can also enjoy a pleasant and mild weather.

Other places unsuitable for February:

Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia

Americas: United States (except Florida)

Africa: North Africa

Europe: All countries

Oceania: Australia

And you dear reader, what destination will you choose for February?