The best places for scuba diving

Diving is one of the most acclaimed activities during the holidays.

There are many reasons explaining the popularity of this type of activities but what attracts most the travelers is the marine life.

From tropical fish to sharks, tropical waters are home to a vibrant and impressive life.For you, we have selected a list of five dream places to practice this activity that encourages discovery and exploration. This is where divers can approach the most beautiful and most powerful animals on the planet.


This place is not very well known by divers. Indeed, Palau is a small island located in the South Pacific. Divers who visit can enjoy a site best known for its sharks and about 130 endangered species living in in.

Galapagos Islands

These islands are located in Ecuador and are known to be a World Heritage site. They are equipped with a reserve that contains one of the world's largest populations of endemic wildlife. The dive sites are deep and very vulnerable to ocean currents.

Cocos Island, Costa Rica

It is a known destination for the eco-tourism. It is mainly a place covered with rain forest. Exploration invites to discovering the marine mammals: whales and sharks.

The Red Sea

Marine life in this place is similar to the one of the Indian Ocean. There are lots of options to explore and divers should enjoy several days in order to discover an important part of the wealth available.

The Great Barrier Reef

It is located some 1,500 miles on the eastern site of Australia. This area contains the largest reef in the world and also a significant collection of marine life. It is a beautiful place to discover.

Are you a diving fan? What else can you suggest us?