From Dubai where tourists are chased by sharks  to the hanging forests in Bali, swimming pools are an essential ingredient while staying in a hotel.

The website did a ranking of the most spectacular swimming pools in the world, recommended for tourists that want to enjoy a day at the pool with a breathtaking view:

The Grand Tremezz hotel in Italy with a pool floating on the waters of la rivière como.

Atlantis Palm Dubaï the water park 

What makes this water park spectacular is the inside tunnels in glass surrounded by sharks and fish

Bali and the pool on top of the world

Placed on top of the tropical forests in Bali, the swimming pool cascade of the hanging gardens will give you the sensation that you are floating.

Lecran hotel in Switzerland 

You can swim while being surrounded with snow on the swiss Alps 

You want to admire Hong Kong from the top

It is possible with the huge pool in glass at the 29th floor of the indigo hotel


Wich one did you like the most?