Lovers of extreme adventures are always looking for new challenges.

Experts of Travelzoo Deal did a list of extreme adventures that tourists can try out in different places in the world.


Try the zorbing in Interlaken; you can roll inside of a huge plastic balloon down a hill.


The coldest place on earth with the most violent winds has become an ideal destination for runners and athletes, in November and January; you can be a part of many marathons that take place there.

San Francisco

You are going to be underwater inside of a cage to watch great white sharks swim in front of you in the farallon islands.


Machu picchu remains one of the most visited places in Peru, a new kind of sports is practiced, it looks like snowboarding or surfing but on the sand, you can go for a tour on Huacachina or Arequipa.


How about a bungee jumping from a bridge? On the borders between Zambia and Zimbabwe while admiring one of the 7 wonders of the world.


It’s the perfect place for skydiving, after a 14000 meters jump, the parachute is open and you float towards land.


Nepal is known for having  the highest mountain in the worlds, the Everest.

The Annapurna circuit reachs the Tibetan plateau on a 17000 meters height, a 25 day course for one the most adventurous trips.