New Year rhymes with new beginnings.

If you are yet to decide where you will start fresh this year, it’s high time you chose your destination. Because we know how tough choosing the “perfect destination” is, we prepared for you this list of fabulous destinations that are guaranteed to make this transition a night to remember. 

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A magnificent location that attracts a big number of tourists especially during holiday season thanks to its warm and homelike atmosphere.  This is by far our favorite destination.

2. Barcelone, Spain

The Spanish city is a seaside resort that is much appreciated for it ancient traditions during holiday season. The preparations for when the clock strikes midnight, the magical vibes and the fireworks give the city a unique charm. 

3. Paris, France

The numerous visitors, as variable as their countries are, welcome the New Year in the big number of nightclubs and traditional cabarets of the city.

Also, there is no better destination for the travelers who prefer to spend a romantic holiday with their loved ones whether it’s by having a late walk over the Seine or just by standing in the Eiffel tower waiting for the clock to strike midnight. What a magical moment! 

4. London, England

The capital of England is so desired as a destination especially by visitors who want to welcome the new year with their families. Londoners like to gather around on New Year’s Eve on the shores of the River Thames to witness a magnificent show decorating the greatest tower clock on earth: the Big Ben and its beautiful bells. We can certainly not forget the amazing fireworks as a final touch in the New-Year-special London painting.  

5. Lisbon, Portugal

During holiday season, the main events in the city evolve around music and amazing concerts besides the firework shows. Lisbon is also a great destination for the revelers who want to welcome the New Year while dancing.

6. Venice, Italy 

Venice is not only a must-visit city but also the optimum destination for the New Year Eve. Saint Mark's Square, the biggest square in Venice is the principal spot to meet people. Full with coffee shops and museums, Venice is the ideal spot to discover the glorious architecture of Venice and its special spectacular beaches while waiting for the clock to strike midnight.

7. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Despite its unpredictable and often gloomy weather, Amsterdam is still one of the best touristic destinations. During the holiday season, the city turns into a big party venue. Private parties are also so common and tend to be calm.

8. Berlin, Germany

Individuals from the four corners of the world forgather around Brandenburg Gate to welcome the first day of the New Year. The fireworks are awesome and the food sales and international liquor are also present. Celebrations go on until dawn to satisfy party lovers.

9. New York, USA

Days before New Year’s Eve, the Big Apple turns into a magical city. If you are planning to choose New York as your next destination, don’t forget to go take a look at the tremendous Christmas tree in the Rockefeller center and the windows of the luxurious stores of the 5th Avenue. As the Times Square ball drops at midnight, prepare yourself to a magical ambiance.

10. Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg is a magnificent spot where visitors can enjoy and unforgettable moment thanks to the ethnic decor. The midnight stroke is given a big importance and the fireworks add to this warm atmosphere a special glow.