top 10 best destinations for new year's eve

A new year always mean new resolution, and if this year you want to plan in advance exactly where you will be on December 31st at midnight, it is time for you to set a destination. 

Because we know how much the choice of "the perfect spot" is difficult, we have selected a list of great destinations that will not leave you indifferent.

So here is the top of the 10 best destinations to spend the New Year's Eve this year:

Rio de Janeiro

This is our destination “coup de coeur”. A beautiful place that attracts many tourists especially during the holidays due to its warm climate. The Rio festival is an attraction that will mark your life.

Barcelona, Spain

The Spanish city is a popular resort for its traditions during the New Year celebrations. Preparations for the stroke of midnight, the magical atmosphere and the fireworks embellish the city in this time of celebration and give it a solemn charm.

Paris, France

The City of Lights is a magical place to be especially in this time of celebration. The many visitors from around the world will welcome the New Year in the various centers of attraction such as nightclubs or other traditional cabarets. There is no better destination for romantic travelers who want to enjoy the final countdown smooth. They will be able to mingle with the crowd at the Champs Elysées for the stroke of midnight. A magical moment!

London, England

The capital of England is particularly coveted by visitors eager to welcome the New Year with family. Londoners like to consolidate the eve of the New Year on the banks of the Thames, where they enjoy an extraordinary show decorated by the most powerful clock in the world, the Big Ben and its iconic bell. Fireworks give this show a festive atmosphere breathtaking.

Lisbon, Portugal 

At the party at the end of the year, the main event in this city takes place on the Commerce Square full of concerts orchestrated by talented artists and spectacular fireworks show. For partygoers, Lisbon remains a preferred destination.

Venice, Italy 

Venice is not only one of the Italian cities must see but also an ideal place for the St. Sylvester. The largest square of Venice, St. Mark's Square is the main meeting place during holidays. Surrounded by cafes and museums, it is the ideal place to enjoy a glimpse of the glorious architecture of Venice and the sea waiting for the final whistle for the current year.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Despite its unpredictable and often morose climate, Amsterdam remains one of the ideal destinations recommended by tourists. At the end of year celebration, the city turns into a big party. Private parties are also on high demand and tend to be calm and sober.

Berlin, Germany

People from all over the world love to gather around the Brandenburg Gate to celebrate the coming of the first day of the new year. The fireworks are impressive and the food stalls and international liqueurs await you. The celebrations continue until late for the delight of party people.

New York, United States

During the days preceding the New Year's Eve, "The big apple" is turned into a magical city. If you choose New York, do not forget to admire the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center and the windows of the famous and luxurious boutiques of 5th Avenue. See you at midnight in Times Square for a just magical atmosphere!

Saint Petersburg, Russia

It is a wonderful place where visitors can enjoy an unforgettable moment with enchanting natural scenery. The New Year in the pearl of the Baltic becomes a wonderful memory you will cherish all your life.

What destination do you choose? Where do you count spending the holidays?